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Tenancy Cleaning London is not just one of the many cleaning companies in London. What makes us unique is our story and the hard work behind the name we have on the market. Started from a very small family business we are now fast-developing company with a lot of great customers who are always more than happy to use our services again and to refer us to friends and family. Years ago, when we first started doing professional tenancy cleaning, over ten years ago, we believed the key to a successful business is to always upgrade the provided services and to seek new ways to get customer’s attention. With the flow of years, our main rule has not changed. The team of Tenancy Cleaning London is one big family which is constantly working on new cleaning techniques and ways to satisfy customers’ needs. Throughout the years we have learned that what makes us different from other companies is the attitude towards the clients we have. It is unbelievably beautiful to grow a business from nothing to something that matters. We have learned that no matter how hard you try, the most important thing is to be passionate about your job and to learn to really listen to customers’ needs. Knowing what a customer wants is a great treasure and we are using this in order to provide immaculate services for long-lasting clean properties. Working hard, and following our dreams have made us what we are today – a company that stands for the word ‘unique’. By trusting us and our services, you are giving us the opportunity to deliver amazing cleaning which will leave you speechless. At the end of the day, you don’t really need words – we are only on a phone call distance from you so pick up the phone and book your next great experience with us!

our staff

We stand out for professionalism and attention on details!

Harry D.

Carpet Cleaner

Have you ever wondered what the best option to clean a carpet is? Our Carpet Cleaners know the answer to this question! It is a very specific procedure which needs to be done only by professionals in this field. In order to get immaculate looking and clean carpets all you have to do...

Denis Komuel


There are few simple rules to get the support you need when having difficulties with services we provide – accuracy, friendly attitude and last but not least passionate staff which understands the importance of its job. Our support team meets all of the above said criteria and this ...

Merry Han

Cleaning staff

The team of Tenancy Cleaning London would not be full without people with one of the most important role in our company – our professional cleaners. We have gathered some of the best cleaners in the cleaning field who are completely devoted to their job and do it with passion and pl...